Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a long term nano-scopic exterior protectant and paint treatment that forms an ultra durable, high gloss and slick to the touch chemically bonded layer of optically clear ceramic. The high density ceramic layer offers multiple benefits to vehicle paint finishes including protection from environmental hazards and adds resistance to road salt, wash chemicals and contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and hard water spots.

  • Hydrophobic water repellent properties
  • UV barrier against air and oxidation
  • Enhanced shine and paint depth appearance
  • Self-cleaning effect and aids in prevention against water spotting
  • Significantly improves resistance to micro-marring
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance easier on the owner

All of our Ceramic Coating applications may be applied singularly by itself or in addition to a pre-applied paint protection film. You can choose between various vehicle coverage options and combinations of either.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is a process which involves reducing or removing imperfections in the vehicle’s clear coat and ‘restoring’ it to better than original condition. Imperfections such as surface scratches, fine marring, oxidation, swirls, hazing, or bird etchings, can be significantly reduced and often completely eliminated with paint correction. Paint correction can transform your vehicle’s paint finish to a buttery smooth and high gloss shine.

​We offer varying levels of paint correction. From new car details, single step and basic polishes, to major multi stage correction to bring back the life of your car.

​Additionally, paint correction is an essential step during the ceramic coatings process. This critical preparatory step should be done prior to applying nano ceramic coatings. It enables covalent bond adherence between the paint and the coatings themselves.

Product Care

Paint Protection Film Care

  • Do not wash or allow the film to be wet during the initial 3 days post installation.
  • Following the initial 3-day curing period, frequent hand-washing is recommended.
  • This newly installed film can take up to 30 days to fully cure and there may be some haze or condensation during this period; this is normal.
  • Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water over the affected area.
  • Remove insect, bird droppings, tree sap and other road contaminants as soon as possible. If left on the PPF for an extended period of time they may etch and stain the film, as they are acidic in nature.
  • Utilize only soft microfiber towels to clean the film. Do not use brushes of any kind.
  • When using pressure washers, avoid spraying water directly to the edge of the film.
  • Do not use abrasive and harsh chemical compounds on the film. Do not use dyed or colored car waxes on the film. As the dyes may transfer and discolor the film.

Window Film Care

  • ​Do not roll down the windows for five (5) days and until the Product has fully cured and properly adhered to the glass.
  • Do not wash the Products for thirty (30) days after installation.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or coarse cloth.
  • Use a mild soap and a clean, soft cloth or synthetic sponge to clean.

Ceramic Coating Care

  • ​After receiving your ceramic coating, avoid all water exposure for the first 24 hours while it completes its initial curing phase.  After the initial 24 hours, DO NOT WASH your car within the first seven (7) days after ceramic coating application.
  • Wash and maintain the cleanliness of your car frequently. I.E. 1 wash per week or every other week is ideal.
  • Avoid utilizing automated car washes that have brushes and agitating cleaning mechanics.  Utilizing these style car washes may significantly reduce the lifespan of your coating.
  • Hand washing is the best method to maximize the lifespan of your coating.
  • Try NOT to wash in direct sunlight.  Early morning or evening hours are best.
  • When hand washing, using a microfiber wash mitt and a two bucket system with grit guards in the bottom of each bucket will help prevent re-introduction of surface scratching and micro marring.  If you’re only able to use a single bucket, be sure to have a grit guard in the bottom.
  • Always save washing wheels for last, to lessen contamination of the water and wash mitt. Wash your vehicle from top to bottom where soil and contamination is heaviest.
  • Use PH neutral car shampoos and avoid harsh cleaning products. Aim to use soaps that are free from marketing themselves with the words “wax” or “shine” in the title or description.  These types of products will leave a wax or some other types of gloss enhancing agents on the surface. These “gloss” enhancers alter the hydrophobic properties of the coating itself.
  • Dry with 2 microfiber drying towels or an electric blower, and use a gentle detailers spray.
  • Ceramic Coating properties, such as hydrophobic longevity, is somewhat dependent on the after installation care and maintenance committed to by the consumer.  Yearly routine follow-ups are recommended.
  • Following these guidelines is essential to ensure the longevity of your ceramic coating.