TESLA Paint Protection

We specialize in Tesla paint protection and aim to support Colorado Tesla owners.  With the common concerns of Tesla “soft paint”, we encourage protecting your Colorado EV with paint protection film, window tint and ceramic coatings.

We Choose to Support Colorado Tesla Owners

Keep your Tesla protected with paint protection film.  We highly recommend protecting your Tesla with one of our most popular Tesla paint protection film packages.  

Also keep the interior cabin comfortable with ceramic window film.  We are one of few installers who have the ability to install full Model 3 rear window film, in one seamless piece.  

Enhance and keep the appearance glossy and shiny, and your cleaning maintenance easier with ceramic coating. (shown)

We pride our installations with several key factors:

  • Seamless and fully wrapped body panels
  • Installs that keep your Tesla looking factory.
  • Full rear glass and seamless Tesla Model 3 window film installs.
  • Experience and tenure with all Tesla models.


We highly recommend ceramic coating your Tesla in addition to protecting with paint protection film. In addition to adding UV paint protection, and hydrophobicity, you’ll showcase the depth of paint color, shine and gloss to a lustrous eye catching finish

Ceramic Window Film is also a Tesla vehicle staple with the glass roofs and Colorado sun. With the rare ability to install one seamless Tesla Model 3 rear window film, we have the ability to cover all Tesla makes and models and installation.